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Daily Mail, 22nd August 2011

"You can't put a price on patients' dignity"

For a country that calls itself civilised, it should be a cause of deep and abiding shame that more than three million elderly people in our hospitals, care homes and the wider community are categorised as malnourished or at risk of malnutrition....... For the full article, just click here
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Wherever we go, we find people exclaim "But it actually tastes like pea! - or lamb etc" We know that people's ability to experience taste can be compromised by illnesses such as stroke and so we deliberately make food which bursts with flavour. OK Foods product range for Dysphagia patients is second to none.

Our smaller portion sizes tempt patients, with absolute portion control resulting in reduced waste in costs & packaging

OK Foods are specialists in modified textures B, C and D; Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian available

Every cooked food we make is given a botulinum cook and each B and C dysphagic product is sieved using a 1mm sieve

Alongside our dysphagic range, we offer multi-portion meals for care homes, schools and other childcare settings, a range of baby purees and individual special dietary meals

We respect patients and want to provide food which can help increase recovery times. We use natural ingredients to fortify our food, like cream, and we use a natural thickener for our moulded products

Quality - we believe there is a need for it!

We are happy to work with you to develop any of our ranges to your specific requirements

Dysphagia Moulded Foods

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